Moondance Foundation

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  • Moondance Foundation (originally set up in 2010 by founders of Admiral car Insurance) disbursed £7.9m (931 grants) Mar’20-Jan’21 and announced additional £10m funding for 2021 for Welsh voluntary organisations struggling as a result of COVID-19 pandemic to address activities and services disrupted, new ways of working, increased costs and sources of revenue diminished. 
  • Total additional fund: £10m for 2021.
  • Grants upwards of £300.
  • Who can apply: Registered charities & not-for-profit organisations; charities based in and working in Wales; charities based outside Wales for their work in Wales only.
  • What for: Organisations and causes that provide transformational changes in communities in Wales and beyond. To prevent or relieve poverty, support the welfare and well-being of women, children, the elderly and the vulnerable in our society. To improve health outcomes, raise educational standards and preserve our environment for future generations.
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