Postcode Community Trust

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  • One of six charitable trusts set up by the People’s Postcode Lottery across UK, focussing on smaller charities and good causes in Wales with a funding round each month Feb-Oct 2021. Postcode Lottery have raised over £600m to date; at least 32% of each ticket goes towards good causes and charities.
  • Total Fund £1.4m.
  • Grants £500 to £2k; or up to £20k for registered charities.
  • Who can apply: not-for-profits with income below £1m e.g. constituted vol orgs; community benefit societies or CICs with an asset lock (up to £2k); or registered charities (but excluding already-funded Carers Trust, Girlguiding, RDA, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts). New community groups eligible to apply if they have constitution, own bank account, and a forecast of projected expenditure & income for one year.
  • For projects in Wales aligning to one of these 8 themes:
    • Improving mental wellbeing;
    • Preventing or reducing the impact of poverty;
    • Supporting marginalised groups and promoting equality;
    • Enabling community participation in the arts;
    • Enabling participation in physical activity;
    • Improving biodiversity and green spaces;
    • Responding to the climate emergency & promoting sustainability;
    • Increasing community access to outdoor space
  • Including project funding and project running costs; or core funding for essential costs, spend within 12 months.


Monthly rounds open at 2pm, close at 5pm: 3-17 May’21; 1-15 Jun’21; 1-15 Jul’21; 2-16 Aug’21; 1-15 Sep’21; 1-15 Oct’21. They only accept 100 applications per month. Decision within 8-10 weeks.