The Prince’s Countryside Fund

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Supporting Rural Communities

Encouraging applications from Wales.

Apply for a grant of up to £25,000 over two years, for innovative projects that will create a long-term difference in remote rural areas of the UK.

This funding forms part of a new programme of larger, flexible grants which focus on innovative and longer-term projects that support people in rural areas to resolve existing and emerging community issues, circumstances and priorities.

With this funding we are looking for applications from community-led projects that are pursuing innovative and strategic solutions to the challenges facing their rural area and which will improve the long-term viability and resilience of their community and replicable for other rural communities too.

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Project Village Survival

Project Village Survival is our small grants programme which funds projects that are addressing rural community resilience and ensuring their village’s future viability and “thrivability”.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) was established in 2010 and for over a decade has been awarding grants to community-led projects supporting the UK’s rural communities. This forms one of the PCF’s strategic aims of Building Confident Rural Communities.

“Too often, rural communities are without access to transport, jobs, housing, shops and community spaces. The Prince’s Countryside Fund powers community-led solutions through our grants and resources to ensure that they flourish – now and in the future.”

Successful projects will protect or boost community assets and enterprises, reinvigorate service provision, and strengthen the sense of community to tackle isolation in the countryside. Previous examples have included community breweries, transport schemes to link up essential services, and befriending schemes.

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