Jumpstart – Tackling Data Poverty

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Jump Start is a project that will help people ‘Jump Start’ their home budgeting skills.  We’ll be working with individuals within the communities to provide them with simple advice and guidance on how to re-evaluate their home finances and show them how to make some changes for good. We’ll make budgeting fun!

The launch of this scheme is a direct response to the need for mobile networks to find a long-term solution to the data poverty crisis at a national level.

The platform has been created by Virgin Media O2, working closely with Good Things Foundation and other digital inclusion experts. Virgin Media O2 are donating 7.5 million GB of data to the National Databank by the end of 2023. This is enough to provide 319 million hours of internet use to over 200,00 people in need, nationwide.

It is in the pilot stage currently and the plan is to roll out to wider Online Centres Network from November.  CETMA’s Online Centre Network is the only centre in Wales taking part in the Trial.

We will be supporting  up to a maximum of 60 individuals by distributing the data vouchers between August and October 2021. Vouchers can be provided to adults (18 years old and over) who are suffering from data poverty which is described as “individuals, households or communities who cannot afford sufficient, private and secure mobile or broadband data to meet their essential needs.”

Mobile Phones need to be with Virgin Media 02 or unlocked and as it’s only a pilot, participants will need to attend either one of our centres in Llanelli or Kidwelly to access the service.

Each voucher given provides a 6GB allowance of data and unlimited calls and texts for 30 days from activation. The vouchers can roll over one month only and the user must still top up the second month to get the roll over i.e. if they have 2GB left over from month 1, when they top up in month 2, they will then have 8GB in total for that month. If they run out of data during the month, the user would not be subject to additional data charges as they are on PAYG (Pay As You Go). The data allowance would just end.

For more information please contact;

Email: jumpstart@cetma.org.uk

Phone Number: Llanelli Centre; 01554 772056 Kidwelly Centre; 01554 227540

Website: jumpstart.org.uk