New Macmillan report on the specialist cancer nursing workforce

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UK cancer services are slowly recovering from the devastating blow caused by Covid-19.

The pandemic has both laid bare and exacerbated the terrible strain the cancer workforce has been under for many years. When the pandemic hit, some services were forced to pause, whilst others had to quickly adapt and many have still not ‘returned to normal’. Some cancer nurses were also deployed to care around the clock for the half a million people admitted to hospital with coronavirus.

The practical and emotional impact of this disruption on people living with cancer has been profound.

Macmillan’s new research establishes that cancer nurses are being stretched too thinly, trying to be there at our time of greatest need, and coping with the physical and emotional toll of the pandemic. Cancer and the devastating impact it has on lives should not be forgotten, and neither should our nurses and NHS.

Our nurses have been there for us. Now we must be there  for them.

Read the 2021 Cancer Nursing On The Line report.