Basics of mental health

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A series of FREE hour long Mental Health awareness sessions facilitated by Tim Teeling, from West Wales Action for Mental Health (WWAMH)

The aim is to raise awareness about different aspects of mental health. 

Each session focusses on a different aspect of mental health and provides an opportunity to learn about each topic and to ask questions and engage in discussion.

These hour-long sessions will be delivered on Zoom and are cost free. Places are limited so please book early.  Please note that a charge will apply for late cancellations.

Please contact Perminder, if you have any questions.

Tuesday 01.02.22 10am

Compassion in mental health 

  • Compassion – what is it
  • How can we nurture it
  • Self-compassion
  • Questions for organisations


Tuesday 08.02.22 10am

Talking about Death & Dying

How can we talk about death and grief.

  • Problems with talking about death
  • What to say
  • How to say it
  • 5-stages of grief

Tuesday 15.02.22 10am

Spirituality and mental health

  • Spirituality: Problem or solution?
  • Look at the term spirituality
  • Be aware of the research
  • Look at Benefits of spirituality


Tuesday 01.03.22 10am

Resilience in Mental Health

  • Resilience – what is it
  • 6 steps to resilience
  • Recovery and self-management


Tuesday 08.03.22 10am

Meaning & Purpose in Mental Health

  • Traditional views
  • What is meaning & purpose?
  • What does it look like?
  • What are the benefits?
  • How do we find our purpose?