Only Human Campaign Launch

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As a charity, Adferiad Recovery is committed to actively campaigning for improvements in services, legislation, system change and public opinion for the benefit of our beneficiaries, and this year we want to highlight the issue of stigma associated with addiction. That’s why we are launching our Only Human campaign, which aims to encourage people to question what they think they know about addiction and those who experience it. The key objectives of the campaign are:

  • To tackle the stigma associated with addiction.

Through this campaign we hope to challenge the stereotypical image of someone with an addiction and show that people are more than their addiction and worthy of our respect and support.

  • To give a voice to those with lived experience of addiction.

Our campaign will be led by individuals with lived experience of addiction who each have their own unique stories to tell. The campaign will provide a platform for them to share their experience, inspire others to seek recovery and show that people with addiction don’t all fit in to the same mould.

  • To celebrate and promote recovery.

Recovery is a journey of self-discovery. We want to inspire those with an addiction problem to address their addiction and seek the help they need to recover. We want them to see that recovery is a positive thing and that the judgement of others shouldn’t pressure them to hide their addiction and suffer in silence.

Our Only Human event will take place at Ty Aman, High Street, Ammanford,Carmarthenshire, SA18 2NA  on 21st July 2022 from 11.00am to 3.00pm. You are welcome to attend at any time during the event. We will ensure that all social distancing guidelines are followed.

We hope you can join us!

Please let us know if you can attend  contact or 01792 816600.