Resilient Communities Programme Grant

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The Resilient Communities Programme has £2m of grant funding available to help individuals and organisations increase community participation with nature to help build resilient communities.

Key information:

  • £2m competitive grant available over 2 years. Delivery up to January 2024. Final claim by March 2024
  • Minimum eligible amount £10k (over 1 to 2 years).
  • Maximum amount £125k if delivered in one Financial Year or £250k in two Financial Years
  • To apply for Funding, External partners will need to request this via the Resilient Communities Grants Website application form number to Access the online application form
  • Application deadline 19th September 2022
  • Open to any applicant
  • Applicants may apply across multiple places
  • Collaborative / joint applications will be looked upon favourably
  • Must address the activities in scope using the suggested evidence sources and link this to the activities we are supporting, if applicants can clearly evidence they are addressing multiple themes this will be looked upon favourably
  • Applications must demonstrate involvement and/or benefits at community level


Useful evidence sources:


What we will Support with the Funding:

  • Diversity and inclusion, particularly less advantaged communities that have less access to quality green spaces, often live in areas of flood risk and high population density which may be adversely affected by climate change and poor air quality and could use the environment as an asset to bring different communities together, tackle loneliness and exclusion and as a vehicle to develop skills.
  • Creative ways to reconnect people with nature and their local environment to improve physical and mental health, confidence, self-esteem and ‘green behaviours’.
  • Promoting health and wellbeing and tackle health inequalities.
  • Nature-based solutions that help communities to feel safer and more secure.
  • Creation of more opportunities for accessing nature.
  • Improving awareness and understanding of, and involvement in decision making on, climate impacts at community scale.
  • Work to ensure communities feel a sense of connection and empowerment with their natural environment and have an active role over how it is managed and improved.
  • Creating opportunities for education and involvement in citizen science

All grant queries and application process should be directed to:

Or for any place-based enquiry contact:

Please allow 48 hours for an initial response