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This fund is available for any member of the community within the boundaries of Llandeilo and its surrounding areas who can connect, and engage residents, through the delivery of a community activity.

Participatory Budgeting directly involves local people in making decisions on the spending priorities for a defined public budget.

This means engaging residents and community groups, representative of all parts of the community, to discuss spending priorities, make spending proposals and vote on them.

You are invited to submit a project proposal that in some way addresses one of the following community priorities. These were identified through asking the question, “What would improve your life?”.

  1. Young People
  2. Children
  3. Green Spaces


Participatory Budgeting Steps: 

  1. Individuals/Groups/organisations submit a project proposal form for funding for their cause/project. Deadline December 20th.  You must also provide a digital teaser to support your proposal. (Support available on request)
  2. This application form is checked to ensure that it meets the full criteria (set out below).
  3. If accepted, you will be invited to attend the Participatory Budgeting Community Event in February, which will be held at Hengwrt and on-line. We will share your digital teaser on social media, from January, to create more interest.
  4. At the event, the community will be in attendance in person and on-line and they will vote on the projects being presented to them. 1 person, 1 vote.
  5. Each participant will be required to give a presentation/pitch to the community. Maximum 5-minute time limit. 
  6. Votes are collated, and the winning projects will be announced on the day.
  7. Support is available throughout the process: budgets/presentations/digital teasers


Eligibility Criteria

  • Your proposal must be legitimate, honest, and open
  • Those bidding can be from a constituted group; meaning that a voluntary group, 3rd Sector, community group, charity, PTAs, sports clubs and any group that will benefit the Llandeilo community can apply.
  • Although applicants do not have to be from a constituted group there either has to be evidence of an existing bank account or a process to have a constituted group manage the funding on their behalf.

Please complete the proposal form (see above) and submit it, with your digital teaser, to any of the following places:

Llandeilo Community Action Hub | Facebook


Mary Ellen

Post Office

before 1pm 20/12/2021.


Successful applicants will be expected to complete a simple report template about the activities they have organised, how many people benefited, and any key successes or good news stories about the activities undertaken – within one month of the end of the project