Strategic Partnerships

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Public Services Board

CAVS works closely with statutory partners to ensure that the voice of the Third Sector is heard in the county.

CAVS Chief Officer sits on the Public Services Board

The Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan was approved in May 2018 and delivery groups were then formed to implement the plan focussing on the four key well-being objectives:

  • Healthy Environment‐ People have a good quality of life and  make healthy choices about their lives and environment.
  • Early Intervention ‐ To make sure that people have the right help at the right time; as and when they need it.
  • Strong Connections ‐ Strongly connected people, places and organisations that are able to adapt to change.
  • Prosperous People and Places ‐ To maximise opportunities for people and places in both urban and rural parts of our county.


CAVS Chief Officer is the Chair and expert lead for the Strong Connections Delivery Group and CAVS also represents the Third Sector on each of the other delivery groups.

Joint working

CAVS work or have worked with a wide range of partners and partnerships, including: