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Carmarthenshire Food Network

Carmarthenshire’s Food Network is for anyone within the county who is supporting to feed its residents.

We’re joining together across the county to battle food poverty.

The inaugural meeting took place on February 10th 2021 with over 60 participants contributing.

The key principals of the network are to:

  • Connect with like minded individuals to alleviate food poverty across the county;
  • Share resources, skills, experience, knowledge and volunteers
  • Support one another to support our citizens


You are very welcome to join us. (Please see below)

 If you have any queries please email:

Our Vision

“Our vision is for residents of Carmarthenshire to be able to access good, clean and fair food with the skills and knowledge to empower healthier lifestyles”.

Our Mission

“To develop a cohesive network of members able to support sustainable food provision through connecting with one another and the community, sharing resources and best practice and supporting each other to offer those at risk of food poverty/insecurity a comprehensive and dignified pathway to support”.

Our Values

To work in a collaborative manner to uphold the network’s vision and purpose. To promote kindness and tolerance in our practices, to be transparent and act with integrity. We recognise the need to adapt to the changing landscape and needs of our community.

We represent the public, private and third sector across Carmarthenshire and commit to working in partnership.

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