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  • Has your community developed an environmentally sustainable project?
  • Do you proactively promote a green ‘lifestyle’?
  • Do you use ‘Green Volunteers’?
  • Are you an environmental charity and/or does your charity promote and encourage a ‘green message’?
  • Does your business engage with environmentally friendly processes? Are you working towards being sustainable?
  • As an individual are you concerned about your environment? Do you recycle? Are you involved in any projects that do?
  • Do you enjoy green spaces?


Carmarthenshire Third Sector Environment Network want to raise awareness of environmental issues and share good examples of what is already being achieved by groups locally e.g. the benefits of being outdoors in nature, safeguarding the environment, preparing for and acting against Climate Change.

WHATEVER your story we would like to hear about it. You can use our template as a guide or be guided organically by what it is that you are doing to contribute to supporting a more environmentally aware Carmarthenshire. Use the formats of your choice – webcam, mobile phone, photographs, PowerPoint, an email, voice recording … Your stories will be collated and shared digitally.

Please send your Green Story to

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Latest Green Stories

National Wool Museum

Green Stories: The Natural Dye Garden is located at the National Wool Museum. The Museum tells the story of one of Wales’ most important and widespread industries, wool.

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