Health and Well-being Network

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Carmarthenshire Third Sector Health and Well-being Network

The aims of this network are to

  • allow third sector organisations working in this field to support the implementation of the Carmarthenshire Well-being Plan.
  • link with the work of CUSP
  • share information on what’s happening in health and well-being in Carmarthenshire


Many organisations attend these meetings ranging from small local groups to large national organisations, reflecting the depth of the provision that is out there to support the community.

The meetings allow us to work collaboratively with colleagues to look at ways in which we could make a difference to people’s lives across Carmarthenshire.

“I find the CAVS Wellbeing Network so useful and informative.  It really works and I always make new connections and find out about all the wonderful services available across Carmarthenshire.” Lucy

Next Meeting:

14.07.22 10:30am

18.10.22 10:30am

Health and Well-being News


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