Sustainable Funding

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NEW - Funding Padlet

We’re collecting many of the funding resources together in one place – the Funding Padlet.

We’ll keep adding more funds as we find them, so please check regularly

How CAVS can help

CAVS aims to support organisations to secure and generate the resources they need to grow, survive and be sustainable.

We can help organisations to develop and provide projects and services that effectively address identified needs, apply evidence-based solutions and best practice; and that encourage efficient and effective use of available resources and cross-sector partnership working.

CAVS can help with

  • developing funding strategies including ways of diversifying income and cost-saving
  • preparing project budgets for income and expenditure
  • guidance on using the free funding website Funding Wales (see below) 
  • information on new funding opportunities through updates
  • commenting on draft funding applications
  • small grant schemes
  • learning and development opportunities (networking, training & events)
  • access to support developing crowdfunding


For more information contact us on 01267 245555 or email .

Useful information

TSSW Knowledge Hub Resources

The Knowledge Hub is a place where you can learn and connect with others across the Third Sector, it  provides a range of digital information and learning resources.

See the Knowledge Hub Sustainable Funding  Resources section to access information on different topics.

Funding Wales

Funding Wales is the funding search platform for the third sector in Wales.

Developed by Third Sector Support Wales the site enables third sector organisations to search hundreds of grant and loan finance opportunities from local, national and international sources.

CAVS provide a free service helping you to find sources of funding appropriate to your group’s activities. This includes one to one support for small groups to assist with searches on Funding Wales (above), 

Once you have identified appropriate funding sources, we can help you through the application process.

CAVS can help with a wide range of enquiries around sustainable funding.

For example, we have previously offered practical assistance with

  • funding applications,
  • feedback on completed applications,
  • putting in place an appropriate funding ‘mix’,
  • fundraising strategies,
  • business planning,
  • financial forecasts,
  • income and expenditure templates,
  • methods of diversification – alternative ways of income generation,
  • tendering and contracting
  • service level agreements


We suggest that organisations look at how they can have a good funding mix and not rely solely on applications for grants from trusts and funding bodies.
Funding information is regularly provided at the third sector network meetings and we also share information of funding availability via our website, e-bulletin and social media.