Good Governance

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How CAVS can help

CAVS can support you to develop and run your organisation.

We can support organisations to implement good governance practices.

Our aim is to improve the skills and confidence of those starting up and running community groups and voluntary organisations, small or large, to run their organisations effectively. This includes helping them to recruit and retain skilled and diverse management committees and trustees, to initiate and develop projects, and monitoring results. 

We can help you with [information, guidance and development support on]

  • choosing the right structure and constitution
  • registration
  • developing or updating governing documents and policies
  • safeguarding, data protection/GDPR, risk management, equality and diversity, Welsh language standards
  • managing people and managing assets
  • trusteeship
  • help with disputes
  • quality assurance systems.
  • learning and development opportunities (networking, training & events).
For more information contact us on 01267 245555 or email

Useful information

TSSW Knowledge Hub Resources

Knowledge Hub is a place where you can learn and connect with others across the Third Sector. Knowledge Hub provides a range of digital information and learning resources.

See the Knowledge Hub Good Governance Resources Section where you can download PDF guidance and information documents on relevant topics.

The development staff at CAVS can help you to start up a group, run a group legally, initiate and develop projects, and achieve the group’s objectives. 

We can help you with:

  • Constitutions
  • Charity registration
  • Company registration
  • Working with trustees
  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Employment matters
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Other aspects of project development and management
  • Info for Trustees 
  • Info on setting up
  • Info on running
  • Links to knowledge hub


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