Volunteering: for Organisations

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How CAVS can help

The Volunteer Centre at CAVS can help you with every aspect of working with and recruiting volunteers.

To involve volunteers effectively and fairly you will need to develop, and be guided by, relevant policies and procedures. These include a Volunteer Policy and Equalities and Diversity Policy. You will need to have procedures in place to keep volunteers safe before we are able to support you to recruit volunteers. There are other policies that are important to ensure best practice, for example a Welsh Language Policy.  We can help you in preparing or improving your Volunteering policies and procedures.

We can also help you make best use of the Volunteering Wales platform (see below) to advertise your Volunteering Opportunities and to recruit new volunteers.


We would encourage you to join our Carmarthenshire Volunteer Organisers Network (CVON). We meet approximately every quarter, and the network meetings are a great chance to keep up to date with latest developments while keeping in touch with other third sector organisations from across the county.

Volunteering Wales

Volunteering Wales is the platform that we encourage all organisations in the county (and indeed in the whole of Wales) to use to recruit and manage their volunteers. It’s quite easy to register and to create listings for your Volunteering Opportunities – and we can help you at every stage of the process. We don’t own the website, but we are administrators for the Carmarthenshire version of the site.

See How to register on Volunteering Wales (for organisations)


Use our Volunteering Resources page to access information on different Volunteering topics.


We have set up a new online learning portal for volunteering and also provide training courses, workshops, awareness sessions etc. on relevant subjects.

See our Learning section