Community Volunteering

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What is community volunteering and what might it mean to you?

Community volunteering can be viewed as informally helping out your neighbours.

It can be spontaneous, it may be to support regular events or one off needs and it will make a difference to where you live. Sharing your time, your skills and experience, your enthusiasm and passions can help to reduce isolation and loneliness, support the resilience and well-being of your community and  bring you all closer together. In many cases you may already know one another which can make it easier.

Picking up groceries and medication, dropping off a newspaper, mowing a lawn, walking a dog – all informal ways of helping those who need some support.

You may have experienced this already and are involved in ‘cymorth cymunedol’ community support.

If not, there are some possible routes to find out how:


How can CAVS help?

Supporting communities to flourish and thrive is at the heart of CAVS community commitments.

Our volunteering team can offer guidance, direct you to our learning portal, signpost to groups and update you with volunteering developments

Community groups can be supported with their volunteering management, governance and funding needs.

We work closely with the regional Connect to Kindness Campaign, which highlights the health benefits of kindness, and can highlight the incredible acts carried out by community groups.

Useful Information