Volunteering in Welsh

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For Volunteers

Do you speak Cymraeg? Visit this page on Volunteering Wales.

‘Whether you’re volunteering at your local food bank, answering phones or distributing food during a crisis, there are opportunities for you to use your Cymraeg, even if it hasn’t been part of your routine for a while.’

For Organisations

Welsh Language Volunteering Framework - A guide for third sector organisations

“This framework is part of a wider initiative by Mentrau Iaith Cymru to create a situation where:

  • voluntary organisations have a full understanding of how to actively attract volunteers who wish to use the Welsh language, and
  • there is an increase in the number of people who volunteer and do so through the medium of Welsh.

The framework is based on research gathered through interviews and focus groups with voluntary organisations.
Through that work, we have gathered examples of good practice and proactive ideas about how to recruit Welsh speaking volunteers. We have also looked at the barriers currently facing voluntary organisations in this context.
This framework offers practical ideas on how to solve those challenges.”

See the Framework