Welsh Charities Week 15-19 November 2021

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Welsh Charities Week will take place between the 15-19 November 2021. The aim of the week is to celebrate and shine a light on the amazing work of charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and volunteers across Wales.

Organised by WCVA, Welsh Charities Week is supported by ITV Cymru Wales.

Welsh Charities Week is all about celebrating the fantastic work that charities, voluntary organisations, community groups and volunteers, do across Wales every day.

Monday – 15 November 2021

Tell us about a time a charity or volunteer helped you or even changed your life. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #gratitude


“I was looking for a way to get back into work. Not only did Home-Start offer me a confidence boost and sense of increased self-esteem but I also made good friends and found a job – for 10 years!”

“Something to look forward to, a therapeutic environment and a real sense of achievement. Volunteering at Glasbren has given me something to look forward to each week.”

“Skanda Vale Hospice changed my life by demonstrating that end of life support, and the process of dying, was just as important as living. I was a volunteer complementary therapist and a volunteer trainer up until the Covid lockdown.”

Tuesday – 16 November 2021

Tell us about the people you’ve met through working with, volunteering for or supporting charities. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #connections and remember to tag the people you met!


“I met lots of young people with amazing ideas for setting up businesses, who needed to develop their confidence and financial know-how, when volunteering as a Prince’s Trust business mentor.”

“Through my time volunteering with Swansea Bay Asylum Seeker Support Group (now known as SASS) I met so many dedicated selfless volunteers giving their time and energy to support people and an equal number of incredible brave and generous people supporting each other.”

“Amazing, dedicated selfless people.”

“A Kiwi, a Welsh woman, a guy from Australia, a girl from Birmingham and the kindest soul from Peterborough … all working together to help empower a small community damaged by a tsunami..”

“Currently I volunteer with Coppicewood College and always look forward to meeting really passionate and skilled people who care about the environment through sustainable management of woodland.”

“I volunteered with BackUp Spinal Cord Injury Charity and met amazing people with spinal injuries brave enough to go sit-down water-skiing.
Not for the fainthearted when you can’t swim in the water.”

Wednesday – 17 November 2021

Tell us about a proud moment you’ve had while volunteering or working with a charity. Share you story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #TheBest


“The proudest moment I had was when I became a trustee of a national charity joining the board alongside a person who had mentored me as a young person. That person was Rev. Kenneth Leech whom we lovingly called Ken and who I met as a student whilst we worked on refugee, anti-racism and community cohesion issues. Being a co-trustee on his board was such a proud moment for me.”

“Visiting the play institute in Denmark with a children’s charity 20 year ago as we were chosen to twin for all our hard work”

“I was proud to be on the committee and part of the celebration when Swansea achieved City of Sanctuary status, the second city in the UK to do so. This was an amazing achievement in recognition of a large network of amazing organisations who work with and support people seeking sanctuary in Swansea..”

“One of the best moments that I have experienced through volunteering involved a young girl, about 8, who hugged me after three months of supporting her. She had been so badly treated that she never touched anyone or allowed them to touch her.”

Thursday – 18 November 2021

Make us laugh or smile and tell us a funny or heartwarming thing that happened to you while involved with a charity or voluntary organisation. Share your story using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #MakeUsSmile


“I have just started dog walking for Greenacres Animal Rescue and have avoided bringing them all home so far! I have also met puppies, cats, alpacas, horses, cows, goats and pigs.”

“Whilst visiting Denmark we were taken on a tour of a kindergarden attached to the play institute, we spoke no Danish the children no English, we spent the day using signs and gestures to communicate and managed to create and clear an outside play space using old pallets, nails, hammers and string with everyone having a great time and staying safe.”

“A service user, who was going through the last stages of his life, made many requests of us. One seemed so ridiculous and far fetched that he had us all in stitches with laughter. He said he was seeing how far we would strive to make his wishes come true. To this day when I remember this incident I laugh my head off.”

Friday – 19 November 2021

Tell us in your own words why charities deserve our support all year round. Share your thoughts using #WelshCharitiesWeek and #NotJustAWeek


“Charities are invaluable 365 days of the year and are continually working behind the scenes to ensure that there is support available in their communities. Without volunteers supporting their work we would all be so much poorer for it.”

“They make a long lasting difference to the lives of everyone involved, and can transform the way you see things.”

“The Third Sector as it is known, is worth £84 billion across England and Wales, a substantial amount of money. Charities range from small local groups which are unregistered providers to large international organisations. Charities provide a dearth of experience, knowledge, and service to a wide audience, offering support locally and as mentioned internationally.”

“In Carmarthenshire we are lucky to have a thriving third sector with many small and large organisations offering support to the citizens of Carmarthenshire, varying from luncheon clubs to caring support. Many people rely on seeing a volunteer, walking into a charity shop and getting services that are most needed.”

“A charity is for life, not just for Christmas! Charities and community organisations step in to meet needs that are not catered for by other organisations. That’s what makes the sector unique and innovative and important to us all year round.”

“Many should be funded from core budgets and not have to rely on peoples kindness.”

“Charities are the backbone of our nation.”