Initial Community Meeting

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Thank you to those who were able to join the conversation last night. (07.10.21) The initial response was very positive and supports our intention to work in a community asset-based manner. Empowering the community of Llandeilo to focus on ‘what would improve their life’ with a positivity that encourages a solution focused drive abound with creativity.

Time frames and processes often help guide and support with planning and so I have prepared this information as a starting point; changes may be required to reflect community need.

Funds available: £10k – potential funds available £20k+

Need to highlight that this project is not just about creating new or requesting huge amounts of £ /it could be working with existing projects to be used in different ways with nominal funding required

‘Community is at the heart of every action taken’.

1. Public meeting 07/10/21

Key considerations to address inc. match funding, voting processes, ways to communicate with the community and engage with maximum numbers.

To Do – Develop a community committee to drive the project

  • Coordinate community consultation
  • Develop communication plan – Identify best mediums for communicating with various groups
  • Collate results and reveal key priorities
  • Build interest within the community
  • Define areas of involvement (list or nice map with boundaries)
  • Develop funding plan to match fund £10k, though there is no limit
  • Decide cap on project proposals £
  • Start planning for final event February 3rd? Name of event?


2. Public meeting 11/11/21

Beth am siarad am Landeilo / Let’s talk about Llandeilo Tickets, Thu 11 Nov 2021 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Present priorities to community. Discussion around ways in which some of those needs might be met. Invitation to submit a project proposal to meet a priority. Proposals to include a digital teaser which will be used to generate interest prior to the community event.

Engage community in what support workshops would be beneficial

To Do – Participants to write proposal and create digital teaser

  • Workshops to support community proposals.  eg. How to create a digital teaser, marketing skills, presentation skills, putting together a budget, bilingual support etc.


3. Proposal submission deadline 20/12/21

Public to submit proposal form and digital teaser to: xxx

To Do – Participants to prepare their presentations for the community event.

  • Coaching support available / practice
  • Event build up / promotion / community registrations
  • Decide upon voting process (1 vote per person / 2 votes)
  • Share digital teasers across social media
  • Prepare for a blended event


4. Community event date TBC

  • Presentations to be shared.
  • Community to vote
  • Top #xxx funded


5. Public meeting (?)

  • To reflect on the process
  • Pros/cons
  • Share news from projects funded etc.