Connect Carmarthenshire

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Connect Carmarthenshire has been created to bring communities and individuals together – a place where you can offer or request help to / from your neighbours and the wider community. There is no buying or selling here, just people helping people.

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This platform is available to anyone who lives in Carmarthenshire. Our primary aim is to facilitate the exchange of offers and requests between people in all of our towns and villages.

Carmarthenshire is a vibrant and positive place and we know that there is a strong volunteering culture already amongst our residents. Connect Carmarthenshire is not a volunteering platform however, it is a timebank.

Timebanking lets you offer help to anyone in your ‘community’ (street, village, town or county) in exchange for time credits. You can then spend your earned credits requesting help from others or donate them to friends, relatives or organisations who may value them more.

So this is not the place for traditional volunteering – this is the place for small random acts of kindness between people in Carmarthenshire, based on the individual skill you have to offer or the specific problem you need to be solved.