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The aim of the Carmarthenshire Food Network (CFN) is to bring together people from across the food system to connect, share and support each other.  

The Network is made up of individuals, community groups, businesses, and organisations with an interest in good food for all. We have a shared vision of a grassroots system that promotes local, sustainably produced, fresh food and nature recovery, whilst supporting the health and wellbeing of the people of Carmarthenshire and beyond.  

We bring together community food and growing projects, professional horticulturists, farmers, chefs who champion local food, organisations that offer wider support to those experiencing food poverty, community leaders, health professionals and interested individuals who would welcome you to get more involved.  

Please register here to receive news, hear about meetings and skill shares, and to link up with others in the group.

You are also welcome to join us on social media and please tag us into your messages. 
Rhwydwaith Bwyd Sir Gâr Carmarthenshire Food Network

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