Community Centres Network

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Carmarthenshire Community Centres Network

Carmarthenshire has a good number of halls which are used by our local residents and, for many, are at the heart of their community. They help reduce isolation and loneliness, they offer opportunities to develop friendships and camaraderie as well as increasing skills, knowledge, confidence and resilience.

They are also used to host meetings and conferences, weddings, birthday parties, become polling stations and host a varied number of celebrations and special events.

As with our other networks, The Community Centres Network is here to offer you the opportunity to share in your celebrations, benefit from the knowledge and experience of others, find out about guidance updates, changes in policies and procedures and also voice frustrations that help us learn and overcome challenges.

How CAVS can help

There are various reasons why you may require our support – whether it be for assistance with your governing documents, updates on Assembly guidance around opening, ideas for recruiting volunteers and frameworks around their training/supervision or to seek direction on funding opportunities and applications. As a community building we have skilled staff available to speak with you via telephone, online and in-person – and if we don’t have the answers we will be able to signpost you to someone who does.

Contact 01267 245 555/ email  to make an initial appointment/request a call back.

Useful information

Virtual AGMs



Infoengine is the directory of third sector services in Wales. Is your information listed on there?

Connect Carmarthenshire

Connect Carmarthenshire has been created to bring communities and individuals together